Here at DARCARS Volkswagen located in Silver Spring, we have a wide range of vehicle options available to you. Among our collection there's certified pre-owned VWs. These are a specialized set of used cars that give you the benefit of savings while getting a vehicle that's like new. We want you to learn more and explore the options with you!

What is the criteria for a certified pre-owned Volkswagen? To start, the vehicle must be within six model years of the most recent model year vehicle. So for example, the newest Jetta available right now is in the 2020 model year, therefore a certified pre-owned VW would be in the ranges of 2014 to 2019. It also must have less than 60,000 miles on the odometer, so you know that it's not been driving for a high amount of miles and can have added peace of mind, and plenty more quality driving after you make your purchase.

Additionally, the vehicles that meet the mileage and model year parameters are then put through a rigorous 112-point inspection which evaluates all vehicle components from exterior and interior condition to technology, and all vehicle performance indicators so you know it's been graded for the highest levels of quality. Only those that meet all standards get the certified pre-owned label. That's not to say vehicles that don't aren't good quality used cars. The certified pre-owned label is for your benefit so you know when you want to seek out like-new options in our showroom, you can find them, and get the backing of added benefits and perks.

Those additional benefits include a two-year/24,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty which covers major maintenance and repairs, while you're also going to be able to find benefits like 24-hour roadside assistance and a third party CARFAX® vehicle history report so you know all the detail about your certified pre-owned VW purchase from a verified source. With all that added peace of mind, and coverage, it makes plenty of sense for any driver to consider a certified pre-owned Volkswagen from our showroom in Silver Spring.

Of course, one of the main reasons people look at certified pre-owned Volkswagens is the fact that it gives them savings on costs. You're able to find a vehicle that has low mileage, is a recent model year option and provides many standout technology and safety features, plus the pedigree of a VW with its standout performance and efficiency, at a lower cost. It's an encouraged way to buy from us for drivers of all lifestyles, and of course we're here to help you discover the right options.

If you're ready to learn more, contact us. We'd be happy to get started and highlight certified pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles for you today!

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