One question we get asked quite often is about hybrid and electric vehicles in the new Volkswagen lineup here in our Silver Spring showroom. More people want to experience VW and have ways to save on fuel costs and go further, or use an emission-free vehicle with an electric car option. We're here to inform you of VW's current plans to make that a reality, as we highlight concepts and scheduled future models that are set to enhance our already robust vehicle lineup.

As of right now there are no current VW hybrids or electric vehicles, but the automaker hopes to chance that. At the close of 2019, Volkswagen announced plans for multiple hybrid vehicles. This includes current models like the Golf and Tiguan, which are expected to get hybrid powertrains in the near future, probably on their next generation model or in the coming years. This will give drivers another alternative to the already exciting lineup of choices you have when choosing between our new VW vehicles.

Others include concepts such as:

  • The Volkswagen ID.3, which is about the same size as the Golf and is an all-electric hatchback with 342 miles of electric driving on its highest battery-powered option. It's set to go on sale in Germany later this year with a time table in the states unknown at this time.
  • The Volkswagen ID.4 is an all-electric crossover option that also has standout visual appeal along with plenty of expected power with 250 miles of all-electric driving range from its two-motor power plant, plus all-wheel drive options as well. It too is expected for market in 2020 at some point in Europe first, then here possibly.
  • The Volkswagen ID.BUZZ is a play on the old VW Bus, and that's because it looks just like it. Bringing back the Bus is iconic, and will instantly be a hit with drivers everywhere as it's set for arrival in 2022. We know it will be a hot item here, and with 369 horsepower all from a 111 kWh battery pack, you'll find 300-miles worth of driving range that can recharge to 80 percent in 30 minutes with a 150 kW fast-charge system.

We'll make sure to keep everyone informed about all the new VW electric vehicles and hybrids coming our way. If you have any questions be sure to reach out to us and we can answer them or get you all the current information today.

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